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Courses Offered

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Faststats 2010 data, Heart Disease is the leading cause of mortality in the USA. This was supplemented by the World Health Organization's 2011 factsheet, stating Ischemic Heart Disease as the major cause of death in the whole world, which claims approximately 7 million lives. This data is alarming, but it is also reflective of how much there is that we have to do in order to dissuade such threat. Nevertheless, the least we could do is to be ready.

Ameri CPR Center offers you professional, short term courses that are meant to equip you with the knowledge and skills in handling cardiac emergencies, and save patient and even your loved one's lives.

Modern lifestyle brings about many factors that can trigger or cause heart disease - stress, unhealthy food intake, alcohol use and smoking. Our small pleasures, when not managed well can bring about serious harm to our most precious possession. Will you choose to do something about a cause you know you can do something about?

Having deliberate knowledge about CPR and Basic Life Support is a treasure worth searching. Cardiac heart arrests could happen anytime, to anyone and our own loved ones are not an exception. They could be fatal; yet, with immediate aid, it can increase the patient's chances of survival. This is where your professional know-how comes in handy. You cannot always expect a medical practitioner to be around. The ability to perform BLS is not simple knowledge when it puts at stake the matter of life and death.

Ameri CPR Center offers you the following courses:

• ACLS Course • BLS for Healthcare Provider Course
• Family & Friends • HS Blood Borne Pathogen Course
• HS CPR & AED Course • HS First Aid, CPR & AED Course
• HS First Aid Course • AED Sales & Monitoring
• PALS Course • Corporate/Occupational Health
• CNA Classes  

For inquiries, please call Ameri CPR Center at 1-877-705-5757 or contact us online.

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